How to set up a company in Singapore or Malaysia

Setting up a company can be a tedious process. But it can be done smoothly with the proper set of knowledge
Setting up business goals at meeting

Most of the time, we try to set up our business, but we are always unsure of what needs to be done. How do I start a company? What kind of legal entity should I set up? Who should I engage to help me with the compliance matters?  

We look at tax for now in terms of obligations and filing requirements:

  1. Not sure what are your tax obligations?
    1. When you set up a company, there are three main keywords that you need to know; ECI, NOA and Form C-S / C
      1. ECI is defined as the Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”) that needs to be paid to the tax authorities in Singapore and needs to be paid within 3 months from the financial year end
      1. NOA is defined as Notice of Assessment (“NOA”) issued within one week from date of submission of ECI
      1. Form C-S / C is the final tax computation that needs to be submitted to IRAS post audit completion or finalisation of financial year end accounts.
  • Key milestones for tax obligations
Key Milestones in a Corporate Income Tax Filing Season for a Company

For more details or if you require our services in setting up a new company, please don’t hesitate to engage us through our contact page.



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